All AMBER Alerts and Missing Child Alerts that were sent out last year have led to the recovery of the children in question. A total of twenty reports of missing children are reported in the annual report published on Monday.

Four of these reports were AMBER Alerts: these are only sent if there can be a direct danger to life for the missing child.

For example, an alarm was sent for a 12-year-old missing girl from Rotterdam, who was eventually found a day later in a hotel with an adult man. The case against this American suspect, who is being prosecuted for abuse, is still ongoing.

The sixteen Missing Child Alerts also led to the recovery of the children. This alarm is a slimmed down version of an AMBER Alert and is only distributed if there are concerns about the well-being of a child. Unlike an AMBER Alert, no message is sent to telephones, but the message is shown on screens at gas stations and in supermarkets.

According to research, the AMBER Alert reaches more than twelve million people. The system has been used 29 times since its establishment in 2008. Missing Child Alerts are sent more often, now 1,030 times in total. "In 94 percent of the cases, the missing children were found alive."