London (AP) - Duchess Meghan's father, Thomas Markle, is disappointed with his daughter's decision to resign from her royal duties. The 75-year-old American said this to the British broadcaster Channel 5 in an interview that was broadcast on Wednesday evening as part of a one-hour documentary.

"It is disappointing for me because she has actually achieved the dream of all girls," said Markle. Every little girl wanted to be a princess. "Now she throws it all away for money, it looks like." That was "shameful" for him. He also accused Meghan (38) and Prince Harry (35) of destroying the royal family. "They turn it into a walmart with a crown on it," he said, alluding to a large supermarket chain in the United States.

Thomas Markle has been in a clinch with his daughter for a long time. He did not travel to the couple's wedding in May 2018 because of a heart operation. Previously, he had posed for paparazzi photos to show him when he was preparing to travel. Since then, he has repeatedly reported to the tabloids with allegations against his daughter, Harry and the royal family.

In the one-hour documentary, Thomas Markle also shows himself to be a very loving father when he reports on Meghan's childhood and youth. "It was my most important relationship, my pride and my joy," he says again and again. You can also see private photos and videos of Meghan on vacation or during the performance of a school theater. Also shown are pictures from the early days of Meghan's career as an actress when she had to stage herself in tight outfits.

Partly the interview takes place in Mexico in Thomas Markle's house by the sea, partly in Los Angeles, where he and Meghan partly lived together. Thomas Markle's voice often becomes fragile when it comes to arguments with his daughter. He speaks openly about money that his daughter gave him. He asked her once or twice, he reports. But it was "only a few thousand". There were also arguments about that.

When the relationship between Meghan and Prince Harry became known, he was besieged by paparazzi, Markle reports. Except for the advice not to speak to anyone, he received no support from the Royals. "The royal family never sent anyone here to advise me or do anything for me," he complains.

He is remorseful for the paparazzi photos. He admits that he lied to Harry and Meghan when they asked for the photos. He simply denied it. The relationship became bitter when he called the couple a few days before the wedding to cancel his participation in the wedding. Harry had told him: "If you had listened to me, it wouldn't have happened to you," says Markle. He found that very unfriendly and replied: "It's a shame that I didn't die, otherwise you could have pretended to be sad." That was the last conversation between him and the two. He was very hurt that Meghan had apparently deleted him from her life.

Meghan is now suing the British newspaper Mail on Sunday for publishing parts of a personal letter she wrote to her father months after the wedding. The newspaper got the excerpts from Thomas Markle. He had to defend himself against a defamation campaign, explains the move. «I will defend myself. And I'll be paid for it, ”says Markle. Harry, the Royals and Meghan owe him something. Meghan promised to take care of him when he was old, says the 75-year-old. "It's time to take care of Daddy."

Meghan and Harry had recently announced that they would partially resign from their royal duties and want to become financially independent. After discussions within the royal family, the two then decided on a more radical cut. In the future, they will no longer use their title "Royal Highness" and will no longer take on royal duties. The couple are currently in Canada with their eight-month-old son Archie. Thomas Markle is uncomfortable with all of this. "I think they are turning into lost souls."

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