Since December last year, the corona virus has been prevailing in China. Seventeen people have now died and hundreds of people have been infected. Little is known about the virus yet, so RIVM expert infectious diseases Jaap van Dissel is on Thursday for an hour on NUjij to answer all your questions about the corona virus.

The virus is spreading quickly. Not only in China, but there have also been infections in other countries. The risk of the disease appearing in the Netherlands, on the other hand, is "fairly nil", as there are no direct flights from the Netherlands to Wuhan, the city with the highest number of infections.

Yet there are also concerns and questions on NUjij, the discussion platform of We would like to answer those questions.

Ask all your questions

The concept of the question session is simple: you ask your question under this article. Van Dissel provides an answer to the best and most frequently asked questions for an hour starting at 2:30 pm You can ask questions live or submit your question before that time.

The questions that will be answered will appear below the article. We do not publish the other questions to keep it clear. Responses to answers will only be shown if they add something.

Why Jaap van Dissel?

Jaap van Dissel is director of the Center for Infectious Disease Control at RIVM and also works at the LUMC as head of the department of Infectious Diseases. He does a lot of research and publishes a lot about infectious diseases such as the corona virus. At RIVM he is involved in the national control of these diseases.