The United States supports the initiative to plant a trillion (1,000 billion) trees worldwide to combat climate change, US President Donald Trump said Tuesday at the start of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Switzerland Davos.

Trump wants to help "preserve God's creations on earth and the natural beauty of this world." According to him, the US will continue the policy whereby the country "restores, manages and grows nature". He did not discuss how he wanted to contribute to the initiative.

The American president received massive applause for his statements. Greenpeace director Jennifer Morgan lowers expectations because "Trump still does not understand the climate crisis". The US accounted for 15 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in 2018, "that's something the president needs to work on," Morgan said.

In the past, Trump was repeatedly confronted with international criticism for his climate policy. For example, he withdrew his country from the Paris climate agreement and called climate change a "hoax". Trump came back to that statement early this month.

Combating climate change is central during the fiftieth edition of the WEF, which attracts world leaders, CEOs, academics and international politicians.

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