Jehovah's witnesses go to court to stop the publication of a report on sexual abuse and declaration willingness within the church. An interim injunction will take place in the court of Utrecht on Wednesday, confirms a spokesperson for Utrecht University after reporting by the AD .

The Jehovah's Witnesses were not available for comment on Tuesday. According to the AD , they go to court because they find the Utrecht University report "scientifically and factually incorrect and defamatory and very offensive". According to the Jehovah's, there is discrimination based on religion.

The investigation, commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and Security's Scientific Research and Documentation Center, focuses on how abuse is dealt with within the church. It was also investigated to what extent this attitude influences the willingness of victims to report.

The House of Representatives had called for an independent investigation before the summer of 2018, following revelations about sexual abuse by newspaper Trouw . Minister Sander Dekker (Legal Protection) initially asked the church to start an independent investigation, but the community did not feel like it.

If the summary proceedings are won by Utrecht University, the report appears on Thursday.