The Angolan former presidential daughter Isabel dos Santos, who is accused of corruption, owns hundreds of millions through Dutch letterbox companies, the newspaper Trouw reports Tuesday.

It would be nine Dutch letterbox companies that Dos Santos used to manage its interests in oil, telecom and diamonds. According to the newspaper, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) already questioned the interests of the daughter of former President José Eduardo dos Santos in 2012, but the companies have always been able to evade supervision and are still active.

Angola seized the property of Dos Santos at the end of 2019 after corruption charges. T ouw was given insight into the leaked administration of Dos Santos, also known as the Luanda Leaks , which came into the hands of the international journalists consortium ICIJ. This shows that some of the Dutch companies are involved in transactions that Angola regards as corrupt.

In total, it concerns an amount of $ 1.1 billion that was withdrawn from the Angolan treasury via Dutch companies.

DNB has not yet responded to the questions of the newspaper about the companies of Dos Santos. According to the regulator, the focus is on how companies operate and not on the companies of controversial persons, such as Dos Santos.

Trouw announced on Monday that dredging company Van Oord, ING Bank and credit insurer Atradius were involved in a Dos Santos construction project in which human rights were violated.