The traffic must take into account a busier peak on Monday morning due to the risk of slippery and dense fog. The ANWB warns that traffic jams can also be longer than usual due to Citrix problems, particularly in the Randstad.

Most Dutch ministries took the Citrix servers offline on Friday evening due to a vulnerability, which means that fewer civil servants can work at home. As a result, the ANWB expects more traffic on the road. Government employees normally use Citrix to log into the internal network of ministries.

In the southeast the chance of fog is the most stubborn. Inland, the room can be slippery due to the freezing of road sections. The KNMI has therefore issued a yellow code for the provinces of South Holland, Utrecht, North Brabant, Limburg, Gelderland, Overijssel and Drenthe.

During the morning the smoothness disappears and the fog dissolves. In most places of the country the sun breaks through and it gets a maximum of 8 degrees. There is little wind and it stays dry all day.

Next 5 days Max Min. Wind
Tuesday 5 ° -1 ° SW 2
Wednesday 7 ° 2 ° NO 3
Thursday 6 ° 1 ° O 3
Friday 5 ° -3 ° Z 3
Saturday 6 ° 2 ° SW 3

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