In recent days four people have died in different places due to heavy weather in Spain. The storm, which has been named Gloria, is characterized by strong winds, snowfall, rain and low temperatures.

A 63-year-old man died in the province of Ávila when he was hit by a flying roof tile.

In the northwestern region of Asturias, another man died when he was hit by a car while he was fastening his snow chains.

A 54-year-old homeless woman died in Gandia, near Valencia, from freezing during the cold weather.

A fourth man would have died due to hypothermia in Moixent, also near Valencia.

Bad weather warnings have been issued in more than 30 provinces. The highest warning remains active in five provinces. Especially the Mediterranean coast and the Balearic archipelago are hit hard by the storm.

Alicante airport was closed on Sunday, with the result that nearly two hundred flights were canceled. Schools and roads were closed in the coastal province of Valencia. Wind gusts of 115 km per hour and 8 meter high waves have been observed in the province.


Heavy storm leads to snow and high waves in Spain