The Dutch have so far jointly deposited nearly 1.2 million euros on Giro 5125 for emergency aid to Australia affected by forest fires, reports the Red Cross.

The money raised is used, among other things, to provide psychosocial assistance, to bring food, water and toilet supplies to evacuation centers and to reunite family members. The Red Cross expects to have to provide assistance in Australia for a longer period of time.

The organization also offers financial assistance to people who have lost their homes and belongings. Nearly 6,000 houses and buildings have been destroyed by forest fires to date.

Giro 5152 opened 11 days ago. It is still possible to donate. This is also possible via the website of the Red Cross.

Parts of Australia have been ravaged for months by wild fires. So far, 29 people have died. The state of New South Wales in particular is being hit hard.

It has been raining in the affected area for several days. The fire brigade hopes to get the fire under control better.