Coalition parties VVD and CDA are in favor of a ban on bang fireworks and flares. Until recently, the two parties were strongly opposed to a ban, but they changed their position.

This means that there is a majority in the Chamber that is in favor of curbing fireworks.

After the turn of the year again got out of hand this year, the pressure on politicians increased to take measures to put an end to the disturbances.

According to the police, last year's turn it was about 9,300 incidents, an increase of 387 incidents compared to the previous year. This includes arson, destruction and overt violence against aid workers and agents.

The number of fireworks victims increased by 7 percent compared to last year to 1,300. In total, 385 people ended up in emergency services because of fireworks.

Nine hundred patients went to GP posts with minor injuries. The number of people who were injured in one or both eyes amounted to 168 this year, thirty more than the year before.

Police and doctors have been calling for a partial fireworks ban for some time

The National Police, but also the Dutch Safety Board (OVV) and various doctors have been calling for a ban on bang fireworks and flares for a long time, but until recently the government saw nothing in a ban.

Last year, the cabinet ignored the OVV's advice to ban fireworks, because firing off is "a valued tradition" where "the good should not suffer from the bad". The VVD and the CDA in particular were against, but are now up.

This year the tone of the cabinet has changed. "We cannot go on like this", Rutte said last Friday. The Cabinet will present proposals before the end of February to limit the disturbances around New Year's Eve. This time, the old OVV report will serve as a guideline. It advocates a ban on bang fireworks and flares.