Iran has now admitted to being responsible for the crash of the Ukrainian passenger plane with 176 victims. The military shot the machine "unintentionally", it was a "human error", according to a press release on state television. The Iranian armed forces regretted the incident. Iran had previously denied that the machine had been shot down, saying that a technical cause had led to the catastrophe.

Shortly before the crash on Wednesday, the Iran had attacked two bases in Iraq used by US soldiers. Then the Ukrainian plane crashed. On Friday, several EU countries, the United States and Canada, had already shown themselves convinced that it must have been an accidentally shot down by Iran. There were 57 Canadians among the crash victims.

In the conflict between the United States and Iran after the targeted military strikes, the signs were initially of easing. The situation on the Persian Gulf escalated after the United States specifically targeted Iran's top general Kassem Soleimani in Baghdad at the end of last week. After the attack by Iran on the US military bases in Iraq, US President Donald Trump and Iranian President Hassan Ruhani announced that they wanted to lead the conflict on a political level.