Frankfurt / Tehran (dpa) - Lufthansa does not initially fly to Iran after the crash of a Ukrainian passenger plane. "For today, the flight to and from Tehran will be canceled as a precaution," said a spokeswoman on Friday in Frankfurt.

As soon as detailed information is available, it will be decided when the Iran flights could take place again.

Lufthansa had a plane turned around on Thursday. The flight LH 600 on the way from Frankfurt to Tehran returned to Frankfurt after about an hour's flight, as a precaution, said the spokeswoman. The background was a changed assessment of the security situation for the airspace around the airport in Tehran. Lufthansa actually wanted to resume its flights to the Iranian capital on Thursday after a one-day break due to the worsening of the Iran conflict.

On Wednesday, a Ukrainian plane crashed in Iran with 176 people on board. Recently, there was growing evidence that an accidental missile bombardment by Iran could be the cause. Governments in Canada and the UK report information indicating the launch. According to US media reports, this theory is also being followed in the United States. Officially, the cause of the crash is still under investigation.