The EU Parliament has criticized homosexual agitation by public authorities in Poland. MEPs in Strasbourg adopted a resolution on "recent statements on zones in Poland free from the so-called LGBT ideology". It is "agitation by public authorities and elected officials" against sexual minorities, according to the paper adopted by a large majority of parliamentarians.

According to the EU Parliament, since the beginning of 2019 there have been more than 80 cases in Poland in which regional or local governments have declared themselves "LGBT-free". Among other things, calls were made to "refrain from promoting tolerance for LGBTI people".

LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender , i.e. lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. In "LGBTI" the "I" also stands for intersexual. According to the EU Parliament, discrimination by Polish administrations is also directed against single parents.

Such incitement was to be "outright", the MEPs continued to write and asked the EU Commission to do the same. The resolution falls within a broader context of attacks against the LGBTI community in Poland.

In the past few months, violent riots by counter-demonstrators have occurred in gay pride parades in the country. In October, the Polish ruling law and justice party (PiS) was able to expand its absolute majority in parliament after a strongly polarizing election campaign, including verbal attacks on sexual minorities.