Karlsruhe (dpa) - The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) announced today (9:00 a.m.) a verdict on incorrect parking in private parking lots. It is about a car that was parked in the parking lots of two hospitals several times longer than permitted or without authorization.

The private operator distributes nodules to parking offenders. The owner of the car refuses to pay - she didn't drive it herself. Who says they were behind the wheel instead doesn't say it. (Az. XII ZR 13/19)

What applies to such disputes has not yet been decided by the judge. In this case, the keeper has been right so far. District and regional court Arnsberg were of the opinion that the punishment can only affect the driver of the car. The parking lot operator just has to make sure that he also catches the parking offender - for example with parking attendants or video cameras. The BGH now has the final say.

Announcement by the BGH

Judgment of the LG Arnsberg of January 16, 2019

Judgment of the Arnsberg AG of August 1, 2018

FAQ of the ADAC on private nodules

Consumer centers through private parking tickets

Fines catalog, parking from p. 13

The keeper is obliged to pay the costs, ยง 25a StVG

BGH judgment of 2015 on injunctive relief against the keeper