The local government on the Dutch part of St Maarten has deployed extra agents because of the riots that have been going on for three days on the French part. The population thinks that the French government is too involved in the reconstruction after hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Irma caused major devastation in 2017. A lot of reconstruction has been done on the Dutch part of the island, but little is happening on the French part of the island.

Anger over the slow reconstruction flared up this week when the French government imposed additional building codes. Residents have barricaded important roads and occupy the access roads to the airport.

According to French media, clashes occurred between the local population and the police on the French part of the island.

Vs and Canada have adjusted travel advice

Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs of the Dutch part said in a statement that the population of the Dutch part sympathizes with the inhabitants of the French part, but that the safety of Dutch citizens and tourists is a priority.

The US and Canada have adjusted their travel advice for the island; tourists are being advised to avoid Sint Maarten for the time being.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Sunday that the Dutch travel advice for the French part of St Maarten has not yet been adjusted.