Dozens of farmers drove into Amsterdam on Friday around 6 am with tractors for the farmers' protest on Dam Square. The farmers there are demonstrating against the government's nitrogen policy from noon to 4 pm.


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Some tractors are equipped with flags and banners with texts such as " No farmers, no food ". The farmers take food to the Dam and invite people from Amsterdam to come and have a brunch.

Mayor Femke Halsema has agreed with the organization Agractie Nederland that a maximum of 25 tractors may be present at the protest on Dam Square. However, the organizer announced last week that they would expect many more tractors.

The farmers are angry about measurements from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). These measurements show that more than 40 percent of agricultural companies are responsible for the precipitation of nitrogen in the Netherlands. However, the farmers believe that the measurements were not taken properly. For example, the measuring equipment would be too close to livestock sheds and RIVM would not want to share the full research results.

The calculations would also be stricter than in the rest of Europe, as a result of which Dutch farmers are more troubled by such measurements than other European farmers. According to the RIVM, however, it concerns nitrogen calculations according to international standards.


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