The British will choose a new parliament on Thursday. The early elections were launched because of the political chaos in the United Kingdom. Prime Minister Boris Johnson hopes for a clear victory to get his Brexit plans through the House of Commons. Follow the latest updates here.

Hello! My name is Priscilla Slomp and I will keep you informed of the latest developments in the UK. The British are expected to go to the polls to vote en masse in the early elections. There is a lot at stake for Prime Minister Boris Johnson: he wants a majority to guide the Brexit through the House of Commons.

Not quite with? Read here what you really need to know about the elections. Questions can be sent to

  • The ballot boxes close at 11 p.m. Dutch time
  • Then the first exit poll follows immediately
  • The final result is only expected in the early morning

28 minutes ago

Johnson is still busy campaigning.

Out campaigning in South Ruislip! Polls close at 10pm - vote Conservative to #GetBrexitDone 🇬🇧

Avatar Author Boris Johnson Moment of Places 21: 10-12 December 2019

32 minutes ago

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn at a polling station. (Photo: Pro Shots)

36 minutes ago

The elections in the UK work differently from ours in the Netherlands. A total of 3,322 people applied in 650 different constituencies. Each district stands for one seat in the lower house.

In the Netherlands the electoral system works on the basis of proportional representation, but in the UK a majority applies ( first past the post). The profit in a constituency goes to the person who has won the most votes, the other votes are lost.

an hour ago

For example, there was a vote in 2017

It's nearly time. The all weather studio still looking good in the pouring rain. # GeneralElection2019 @BBCNews

Avatar Author Sarah Corker Moment of Places 20: 25 - 12 December 2019

an hour ago

What happened today?

First of all, it must be said that the British media are prohibited by law from providing details when the ballot boxes are open. On television and radio, it is not even allowed to talk about election issues and opinion polls. Because of this you heard relatively little about the elections today.

  • The ballot boxes opened this morning at 8.00 am Dutch time. The attendance rate from 2017, of 66.4 percent, seems to be passed. However, there are no official figures available yet.
  • The leaders of the political parties also voted today. This is how Johnson voted in the heart of London. Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn cast his vote in the north of the city.
  • Just like during previous elections, the hashtag dogsatpolling station was trending on twitter. Johnson also brought his dog Dilyn to the polling station.
  • BBC News writes that a 48-year-old man was arrested after a suspicious package was found close to a polling station in North Lanarkshire.

10 hours ago

Later in the day we will come back with an update on the elections and in the evening hours an extensive report will be made of the exit poll. Until then!

11 hours ago

Comedian Ricky Gervais has also cast his vote.

I just voted in my local church. Only slightly more effective than praying, probably. # GE2109

Avatar Author Ricky Gervais Moment of Places 10: 40-12 December 2019

12 hours ago

Politicians are servants of the people. Today thousands of them across the UK are asking for your vote. Your vote is precious; it grants power and it removes it. Use it and remind them never to take it, or you, for granted. # GE2019

Avatar AuthorLarry the CatMoment of places08: 31 - 12 December 2019

12 hours ago

It can only be clear ...


Avatar Author Jeremy Corbyn Moment of Places 9: 31-12 December 2019

13 hours ago

Premier Johnson casts his vote on Thursday morning. (Photo: Reuters)

13 hours ago

Politics is still a mess, good job we have #dogsatpollingstations # GE2109

Avatar Author James Barton Moment of Places09: 06-12 December 2019

13 hours ago

It has been turbulent this year at the political level. Theresa May announced resignation in May after her Brexit deals were voted out. Johnson succeeded her, but lost a majority after 21 members of parliament went against the party line and were expelled from the party by him. The Prime Minister's retirement agreement did not make it either. Johnson hopes to get a majority with these early elections, so that the Brexit can take place on January 31.

13 hours ago

The Electoral Council tweets this, but does not specifically address the issue.

It may be an offense to communicate any information obtained at postal vote opening sessions, including about a cast cast, before a poll has closed. Anyone with information to suggest this has happened should report it immediately to the police.

Avatar AuthorElectoral CommissionMoment of places16: 50 - December 11, 2019

13 hours ago

Incidentally, during a live broadcast BBC reporter Laura Kuenssberg said there are indications that it looks "bleak for Labor". She based this on the votes cast by mail. This has caused a fuss, because you cannot share results before the ballot boxes are closed; this can influence voting behavior. It is not known whether this comment will have consequences.

13 hours ago

The polling stations are open this morning at 8 a.m. and will close again at 11 p.m. (Dutch times). Pretty soon after that an exit poll follows and we already have an idea of ​​how the votes are distributed.

14 hours ago

You could almost say that they have a preference.

Avatar Author Douwe van VeenMoment of places06: 40 - 12 December 2019

14 hours ago

There are a total of 650 constituencies, each with a seat in the lower house. 3,322 people applied.

14 hours ago

As is the case with every election, the hashtag #dogsatpolling stations is once again in use.

Sylvie's grumpy but ready for democracy #dogsatpolling stations

Avatar AuthorAlan TrotterMoment of places08: 12 - 12 December 2019

14 hours ago

The last time the elections took place in December was in 1923. Usually, elections are held at the end of spring, when the weather is better and the weather is longer outside.

14 hours ago

That is how it is now: a bit bleak and very dark. (Photo: Reuters)

14 hours ago

There's a box If you put a cross in it, you'll save our NHS, properly fund our schools and tackle the climate emergency. You'll end the housing crisis and poverty. But billionaires and multi-millionaires will have to pay their fair share.Do you cross that box?

Avatar Author Jeremy Corbyn Moment of Places 7:38 - December 12, 2019

14 hours ago

That is what it looks like in tweets:

Today is our chance to get Brexit done. Vote Conservative.

Avatar Author Boris Johnson Moment of Places 7:45 - December 12, 2019

14 hours ago

Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke a great deal during the campaign period about the Brexit and how important it is that it will come soon. Jeremy Corbyn of the Labor party - the largest opposition party - focused mainly on social issues and the climate. For example, he spoke about the National Health Service (NHS) and that it runs the risk of being privatized.

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