Frankfurt / Main (AP) - The Lufthansa and the cabin union Ufo can still achieve collective bargaining. At the subsidiary Lufthansa Cityline, both sides have negotiated a deal for the approximately 900 flight attendants, as both sides reported in Frankfurt.

Long-term profit sharing was agreed as well as regulations on occupational pensions and partial retirement.

According to Lufthansa, the competing Verdi union had already accepted in September a corresponding contract that has now been signed by the UFO. The negotiations were conducted with both unions and are therefore the signature of all parties.

Now there are already talks about new areas of application in a "constructive atmosphere", Lufthansa said. These could be future long-haul flights of the Lufthansa Group, which have so far been flown by crews of the SunExpress. According to UFO, even higher compensation for the flight attendants is spoken.

Unaffected by the stage success at the subsidiary remains the struggle for the still outstanding arbitration agreement in the much larger core company Lufthansa with about 21,000 flight attendants. In the conflict, there has already been a warning strike at four Lufthansa subsidiaries and a two-day strike at the core company Lufthansa.