The police arrested twelve people in Duindorp on Monday evening, says a police spokesperson talking to It was restless for the third consecutive evening in the Hague neighborhood. Around midnight it became quiet again.

The arrests were made as a result of throwing stones, public violence and insult. The ME was visibly present in Duindorp, including around Tesselseplein.

The atmosphere in Duindorp was grim. For example, a civilian officer pulled his weapon after a car just passed him, the police spokesman told

Among other things, social media shows images of heavy fireworks going on near the ME.

The police report that several small fires have indeed been detected in the neighborhood. The fire brigade says that a small external fire has been extinguished. The fire brigade could not say whether the outside fire was lit.

The police come Tuesday with more information about the arrested.


Agent pulls gun after car just drives past in Duindorp

Unrest about the likely abolition of bonfires

In response to the disturbances of Monday evening, the municipality of The Hague tells that it has made preparations, but that the local triangle will not meet on Monday evening.

On Tuesday, the Hague college will make a final decision on whether or not to continue the bonfires in Duindorp and Scheveningen. It has been restless in Duindorp since Mayor Johan Remkes announced last week that these "probably" will not take place during the coming New Year.

Thirteen people have already been arrested on Sunday, most of whom are minors. Among others, a nine-year-old child was arrested because he was walking around with a Molotov cocktail.


Police recoil from fireworks in Duindorp district in The Hague