Seoul (dpa) - The self-proclaimed nuclear power North Korea has, according to its own test in its recent missile test finally tested the possible use of a large multi-rocket launcher.

Ruler Kim Jong Un had personally inspected the test and was very satisfied with the result, reported the state media. The aim was "to finally check the combat mission of the super-large multiple rocket launcher system". According to the South Korean military, North Korea fired two rockets on the east coast from a rocket launcher on Thursday.

South Korea was thought to be the same launcher that North Korea tested three times between August and October.

According to South Korean data, the projectiles in the latest test flew 380 kilometers towards the Sea of ​​Japan (Korean: East Sea). Japan's defense minister had spoken of a new test with ballistic missiles. Such tests are prohibited to North Korea by UN resolutions. Depending on the design, ballistic missiles can carry conventional, biological or chemical, but also atomic warheads.

North Korea has repeatedly tested rockets in recent months. The tests are also seen in South Korea as a potential means to increase pressure on the US in the dispute over the North Korean nuclear weapons program. New nuclear talks at the working level between North Korea and the US ended in October in Turkey with no tangible result. The US government had reacted cautiously to North Korea's missile testing this year. President Donald Trump continues to hope to conclude a deal with Pyongyang on concrete steps towards nuclear disarmament.