Strasbourg (AP) - The future EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has promised the Europeans a new start.

Soon, the citizens would feel "that Europe resolutely makes pace, with the climate protection, digitization and new proposals is the long-running fire," said the CDU politician of the German Press Agency before the decisive vote on their Commission in the European Parliament.

If the Leyens team receives a simple majority of the votes cast in the Wednesday afternoon vote, the commission can start on December 1, next Sunday. It is expected that this will work, especially since Christian and Social Democrats as well as Liberals and some conservatives have signaled support. The Greens and the Left do not want to vote for the new Commission. Von der Leyen himself had already been elected in July, at that time with a very small majority. For the first time in more than 50 years, Germany once again heads the mighty European authority.

The 61-year-old CDU politicians campaigned for European Parliament support for their program. "If we want to make progress in Europe with large-scale projects such as climate protection and digitization, the willingness to compromise from all sides," said von der Leyen dpa. She talks a lot to the parliament. "My impression is that has arrived."

The task of the European Commission is to propose laws and monitor compliance with common European law. The College of Commissioners is organized in a similar way to a government with different departments. Each EU country should be represented with a Commissioner. Because of the impending Brexit, Great Britain has no longer nominated a representative and thus entered into EU criminal proceedings. But that should not stop Leyen from taking office.

The then Federal Defense Minister was selected by the EU heads of state and government for the top EU post in June. Because three designated commissioners were stopped by Parliament and had to be replaced, they could not keep the original launch date November 1. Von der Leyen replaces Luxembourg's Jean-Claude Juncker, who is retiring.

The German Chamber of Industry and Commerce called on Leyen to adopt a pragmatic economic and climate policy. "In view of the economic headwinds, it is important for German companies that the new EU Commission now picks up speed and implements important projects for the economy," explained DIHK President Eric Schweitzer to dpa. These include completing the single market, reducing bureaucracy and increasing legal certainty. The climate change initiative "Green Deal" should end up being "a good deal for European companies".