Berlin (dpa) - Trip to the Brandenburg Gate: With their tractors farmers from all parts of Germany want to protest again on Tuesday in Berlin. They are concerned with having more say in agricultural policy and a better reputation for their profession.

Around 10,000 participants with 2000 vehicles are expected. Also Federal Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) wants to talk to the farmers.

The current environmental and agricultural policy endanger the economic power and social peace in the countryside, the organizers announced in advance. Their criticism is directed against the agricultural package of the Federal Government with plans for environmental and insect protection, against stricter fertilization regulations, against the free trade agreement with the South American Confederation Mercosur and against denigrating farmers.

In response to the protest, the Initiative Land creates a connection, in which tens of thousands of German farmers have joined forces. "We call to table - talk to each other instead of on top of each other," the organizers emphasized. Apart from Klöckner, they also call for talks with Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze and non-governmental organizations.

State and Kreisbauernverbände are involved and supported the demos, it was said at the German Farmers Association. Secretary-General Bernhard Krüsken said: "The demo will show that there has to be a restart in the social dialogue."

Only a month ago, the farmers had demonstrated in several cities, including Berlin. Focus was in October Bonn. Around 6000 farmers warned that their existence was threatened by the current agricultural policy. Last week there were protests at the Environment Ministers Conference in Hamburg.