Wiesbaden (AP) - After the heavy bus accident at Wiesbaden Central Station, an 85-year-old man succumbed to his serious injuries. He died in the hospital, the police said on Friday.

The man was arrested on a bus stop on Thursday. According to the police, a total of 23 people were injured in the accident, three of them seriously.

The 65-year-old driver of a bus had lost control of his vehicle, initially unexplained, and had collided with several vehicles. "It may have been a technical defect or human error, we can not say that yet," a police spokeswoman said Friday morning.

According to initial findings, the bus driver had stopped in front of the main station to let passengers get on and off, but then contrary to the traffic guidance in the oncoming traffic advised. He first rammed three oncoming cars whose drivers each suffered minor injuries. Thereupon the articulated bus drove over a green area and bounced on three further oncoming cars. Two drivers were injured and one female driver seriously injured.

Following the police bounced to police on the back of a stationary bus, the driver suffered serious injuries. Nine passengers were also slightly injured. Finally, the 65-year-old bus driver with his vehicle captured two people at the bus stop, including the later died 85-year-olds. The second passer-by suffered minor injuries. The accident driver himself was seriously injured, according to the police spokeswoman, five of his passengers easily. At first it was not 23 injured but 21.

A large-scale closure of the accident took until late into the night, it came to significant traffic disruption. Because the investigations are to be continued on Friday morning, the police expect further impairments. The damaged cars and buses were towed.

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