Dutch and Australian agents have rolled up a large-scale drug smuggling network between the two countries. During operation 'Panazonium' eleven people were arrested, including two Dutchmen.

They would have been at the helm of the organization. One of them, a 58-year-old man, was arrested in Belgium and handed over to the Dutch authorities.

In August, agents raided more than fifteen locations in the Netherlands and five more places in Belgium. More than 850 kg of MDMA powder and 550 liters of MDMA oil were seized.

According to the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the shipment of drugs had to be shipped from the port of Rotterdam to the other side of the world, where more than fifteen million ecstasy pills would then appear on the market. According to the police, these have a street value of 301 million Australian dollars (equivalent to 185 million euros).

Organization had a turnover of hundreds of millions of euros per year

Andy Kraag, the head of the national criminal investigation department in the Netherlands, emphasizes in a statement that the organization was jointly responsible for the worldwide drug trade, which generates hundreds of millions of euros annually.

In conversation with the NOS , Kraag says that the collaboration will continue to combat drug trafficking from the Netherlands to Australia. "We are going to share information with each other about possible smuggling routes, henchmen and key figures. Previously that was not possible."


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