La Plata (dpa) - Two days after retiring as coach of the Argentine first division side Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata, football idol Diego Maradona has revised his decision.

"It makes me very happy to say that I continue to be the coach of Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata," he wrote on Instagram. "I thank the fans and the players, because together we have finally achieved unity in the club."

Only on Tuesday Maradona had announced his resignation in solidarity with club president Gabriel Pellegrino. The world champion of 1986 had made the re-election of Pellegrino as club chairman as a condition for the continuation of his term as coach. When his application for the election of November 23 failed due to internal disputes, Maradona also decided to leave. "I came with you and I go with you," he told Pellegrino, Télam news agency reported.

Maradona (59) took over Gimnasia in mid-September as bottom of the table. The team from La Plata, 60 kilometers south of Buenos Aires, had scored only two goals and one point on the previous five match days. With Maradona Gimnasia won three out of eight games, scored 13 goals and was able to advance two positions in the table. Thousands of fans re-registered as club members to have access to the stadium for the games under Maradona's leadership.

Maradona on Instagram

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