Munich (AP) - The actor Florian David Fitz has left on his birthday the stress of everyday life behind. "And jumped off the carousel again and left with my sweetheart in the November mountains," wrote the actor, who turned 45 on Wednesday, on Instagram.

The Munich native posted a photo on which he and two companions stand next to a hut on a snowy mountainside. In the background a summit, in front of it a few cloudy veils, through which just a few sunbeams are breaking their course. Romantic - as paintings by the famous painter Caspar David Friedrich, on the Fitz with the hashtag #casperdavidfitz alluded.

Also the other keywords give interesting insights: #zeitstehtstill #birthday # novemberkannauchschönsein # mostlyaberscheiße # gibtbesseregeburtstagsmonate.

Fitz has just been through stressful times. Since October 31 he has appeared in the tragicomedy "The Perfect Secret". Incidentally, other celebrities also have their birthday on November 20, such as comedian Olli Dittrich, who turned 63 on Wednesday.

Florian David Fitz on Instagram