The end of the glamorous concert sounds miserable. "I'm suffering a lot from the charges," says Elke Badde, backing away from the microphone a bit. For a brief moment, it seems that the voice is gone. The ex-state councilor endeavors to maintain her position and to show by a confident manner that she has nothing to reproach herself with. She holds her head up as she walks through the trellis of photographers and cameramen into the courtroom. At the dock, she speaks clearly into the microphone. And yet there are always these little moments when the facade threatens to crumble.

On this day it is for the ex-state councilor to much. But the fight for her upright self-image will lose Elke Badde: The district court condemns the 59-year-old to a fine of 120 daily rates à 170 euros, so to a total of 20,400 euros. Badde, soder Richter, was guilty of accepting and enticing a subordinate to commit a crime.

That she had to give up her position as a councilor is already a consequence of the allegations for which she was now convicted. She was put into early retirement. Two years ago, she had ordered two discounted tickets from Harald Rösler, the former head of the District Office North, before the Rolling Stones concert in Hamburg's Stadtpark. Tragically, she was not at that concert - the tickets never arrived.

The September evening spent Badde with her husband and three sons at home. Nevertheless, she has punished herself, the magistrate says: As a disciplinary superior of Rösler she knew that he had negotiated with the concert promoter a quota of free tickets and preferred tickets. "You should have intervened," says the judge. But Badde did not enter - and instead ordered tickets for himself.

There are seven more charges

The petite little woman sits in room 300 of the Hamburg district court. It is only charged with in the district court, where it is generally less lordly than in this stuccoed room with a wide window front and view over the rooftops of the city. But because of the pressure to press, she now has to sit here, in a room that is actually intended for several dozen people involved in the process. Badde sits with her defender Otmar Kury on the leftmost edge, the seats in front of her are all empty. Lonely that looks.