Berlin (dpa) - After the deadly attack on the doctor Fritz von Weizsäcker, son of the former Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker, the police investigates the background.

A suspect had been arrested after the fact on Tuesday evening in the lock park clinic in Berlin Charlottenburg still locally. He should be interrogated, according to police during the night. The police expect in the course of Wednesday with new findings, as a spokeswoman said. A murder commission has started the investigation.

The 59-year-old von Weizsäcker had been stabbed to death on Tuesday night. The head physician was giving a medical lecture at the clinic when, just before 7:00 pm, a man from the auditorium approached him, a police spokeswoman said. Von Weizsäcker died on the spot.

To the background of the deed, possible motives of the perpetrator and his nationality made the police initially no information. According to the spokeswoman, the police are investigating in all directions. Officials are therefore also the family Weizsäcker to ask whether there could have been a threat.

A man from the auditorium was said to have been seriously injured on Tuesday evening when in between. It should have been a policeman who was privately present at the lecture. Several of the approximately 20 people in the audience helped loudly police to arrest the perpetrator.

Von Weizsäcker had a long career as a physician behind him. After working in Freiburg, Boston and Zurich, he was chief physician of the Department of Internal Medicine I at the Schlosspark-Klinik.

Von Weizsäckers father Richard von Weizsäcker (1920-2015) was from 1984 to 1994 Federal President of the Federal Republic, previously Governing Mayor of Berlin.


Fritz von Weizsäcker