The ANWB currently receives a striking number of reports about cars with only daytime running lights at the front. Because drivers do not always know that they have to switch on the rear lights manually or forget that, the organization warns Wednesday on foggy days when these very dangerous situations occur.

The warning applies in particular to drivers of modern cars. Daytime running lights, a function to make cars more visible during the day, have been mandatory for all new cars since 2011. Only since 2015 does it apply that the rear lights must also be on when the daytime running lights are active.

Because not all motorists switch on their rear lights manually, their vehicles remain "virtually invisible" for the road users behind them, says Heleen de Geest of the ANWB. This can be dangerous in various situations, such as in a tunnel or in bad weather.

On Wednesday, for the first time this fall, the Netherlands is faced with stubborn fog on a large scale, Weerplaza meteorologist Raymond Klaassen says. This applies in particular to the provinces of Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe, Overijssel, Flevoland and Gelderland.

Code yellow applies in the north and east of the country until 6 p.m. Traffic participants must take into account a visibility of less than 200 meters. The ANWB does not expect major traffic problems, because there are few busy roads in the northern and eastern provinces.

There is still fog all day long. In addition, according to Weerplaza, there is a high chance of fog on a regional basis during the night to Thursday and on Thursday. "In the course of tomorrow, the chances of fog getting smaller."


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