At the beginning of October, Turkey started an offensive in northern Syria. Since then, Turkish soldiers have been fighting with the Kurds for control of the region. Hundreds of thousands of people flee from the fighting in other Syrian regions or in northern Iraq. But there is another problem: The Kurds are holding IS fighters, in the large camp Al-Haul live members of the terrorist militia, many women and children of the fighters. And as more and more Kurds are needed at the front, less and less are left to guard camps and prisons. Tens of thousands of radicalized adults and children are waiting for their chance to escape. Andrea Backhaus spent a week in northern Syria and northern Iraq. She has met refugees and also visited the camp Al-Haul. She talks to Simone Gaul about the situation in the region.

Is the Apple Card sexist? The software developer David Heinemeier Hansson finds: very much. Apple's new credit card has given its wife a much smaller credit line than it did itself. Although they both co-invest, as he wrote on Twitter. Neither Apple nor Bank Goldman Sachs could help him satisfactorily. The problem: Such credit decisions are increasingly made by algorithms. They automatically split customers into different groups and use these groups to increase or decrease their credit rating. Why this can be detrimental to women in general, says Lisa Hegemann, editor of the digital department.

And otherwise? The Italian region of Molise attracts business people with a lucrative offer: money for the present.

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