Bremen Senator for the Interior Ulrich Mäurer has banned and dissolved the right-wing extremist organization "Phalanx 18". As justification, the SPD politician said that the association was under National Socialist ideology and tried to enforce its anti-constitutional ideology with aggressive-militant means. In Bremen, three apartments were searched in the course of the ban on Wednesday morning, in Niedersachsen another apartment. The word phalanx means battle line, the 18 stands in the right scene as a code for Adolf Hitler.

Already two weeks ago, the interior authority had banned so-called Liederabende the grouping with concerts of the bands "Hermunduren" and "Zeitnah", which were scheduled for November 9, the anniversary of the pogrom night of 1938. "Given the right-wing extremist world view of this group is to be assumed that the event should not serve to commemorate, but rather a mockery of the Jewish victims of National Socialism ", Mäurer had declared at that time.

Right hools and legal skirt

According to the agency, "Phalanx 18" was involved, inter alia, in targeted provocations and militant actions. In addition, the club had advertised extensively for right-wing extremist music and for banned events.

Members of the club had noticed a few weeks ago in Bremen, when they rioted in a trendy district and flew out of a pub. Then there were violent clashes on another popular pub and restaurant mile. According to the daily newspaper taz , the group is said to include about ten people who are associated with the right-wing hooligan and right-wing scene in Bremen.

In the discussion about right-wing extremism, demands were also made this year to ban the violent extreme-right network "Combat 18". It is considered the armed arm of "Blood and Honor" and is active in several European countries. The neo-Nazi network Blood & Honor is banned in Germany. According to departmental chief Horst Seehofer (CSU), the Federal Ministry of the Interior had examined bans by six far-right groups in mid-October.