Berlin (dpa) - Numerous African leaders meet in Berlin on Tuesday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, other German government officials and entrepreneurs together.

The main purpose of the meetings is to bring more private investment from rich industrialized countries to Africa.

The Compact with Africa initiative was launched in 2017 under the German G20 presidency. Goals are better conditions for trade and investment and a "partnership at eye level". The Development Ministry has signed reform partnerships with three of the "Comapct with Africa" ​​countries - Tunisia, Ghana and the Republic of Ivory Coast. Minister Gerd Müller will sign three further reform partnerships with Morocco, Senegal and Ethiopia on the margins of the summit.

According to the Development Ministry, about half of the 20 fastest growing economies are in Africa. And the population there will double by 2050 to 20 percent of the world population.

Only on Monday, Müller had presented on the edge of the Cabinet meeting in Meseberg seven digital lighthouse projects in Africa. In total, his ministry says it is investing nearly € 270 million in more than 200 digital projects in Africa.

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