The Federal Government proceeds with legislative tightening against gazers and the so-called upskirting . The templates are to be decided by the Cabinet in the morning. Federal Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht (SPD) said with reference to Gaffer in the ARD morning magazine , it could also be simply said: "That's not what you do." Since this is obviously not enough, the criminal gap must be closed.

"There is a deficit in some who do not understand that it is about people who are struggling for their lives," Lambrecht continued. Such accident victims or people who have died in accidents, should not be "object of photos or filming", which would then possibly even spread on the Internet. "It is important that this signal comes," said the minister. "It must be clear that this is not a trivial offense." It is not about condemning as many people as possible, but initiating a social debate.

With the new regulation photos of victims of accidents should be expressly criminalized. The same applies in a different context for the secret photography under the skirt or the dress of women. "That too is humiliating and hurtful," Lambrecht told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung . It hits women very much when they are "degraded to objects" in this way.

As coercion or sexual harassment Upskirting had not been punished so far, because the women usually did not notice if they were secretly filmed, and the perpetrator did not touch her. So far, such photographing usually considered as misdemeanor and will only be punished as a criminal offense if the offender touches the victim or in addition insulted and humiliated. In any case, those affected may request immediate cancellation, damages and, if necessary, monetary compensation. "Countless affected people have contacted me," said the Minister.