Some health insurers lower the health insurance premium for the basic insurance for next year, but most insurers still seem to raise the premium. The government calculated on Prinsjesdag that healthcare premiums would rise by 3 euros next year.

Not all health insurance companies have announced the plans yet. Probably the last organizations will come with the premium for next year tonight.

The basic insurance with health insurers VGZ and Univé will be 1 euro cheaper next year. The health insurance companies, which belong to the same group, both lower the monthly premium to 119.95 euros.

CZ even lowers the premium by 3.85 euros, to 120.95 euros per month. The basic insurance with Zilveren Kruis, which is part of Achmea, is also 1.5 euros cheaper per month.

But the premium goes up with many other insurers. The basic insurance with FBTO increases by 6.4 percent to 116.95 euros. Earlier in the industry DSW and Menzis announced increases of 6 euros and 1 euro respectively. Both insurers use financial reserves to limit the increase.

Lower collective discount

Whether the premium actually falls or rises depends mainly on the type of insurance someone takes out. For example, the premiums for basic insurance policies fall in some cases, but health insurance policies with free choice of care increase much more often.

This year the maximum collective discount will also be lowered from 10 percent to 5 percent. For many insured, this probably means an increase anyway.

Almost all health insurers note that health care costs are rising. "We are also concerned," said Tom Kliphuis, chairman of the VGZ board of directors.

"The staff shortage is increasing, the waiting lists are growing and the healthcare costs are continuing to rise. If we do nothing, the question is whether we, our children and grandchildren will soon be able to receive the care that is needed."

This Tuesday is the last day that health insurers have to announce their premiums for next year. Traditionally, many insurers wait until the last minute to report the new premium

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