René V. was sentenced to six years in jail and TBS with compulsory care for, among other things, stabbing, driving and abusing four random women in the province of Noord-Holland. The court found the 24-year-old man guilty of multiple murder attempts.

In addition, the man was found guilty of threatening rape with five women and stalking one of them by telephone.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) had asked for six years in prison and TBS because the man had deliberately accepted the risk of fatally injuring his victims.

A number of stab incidents, which took place in the period from November 2018 to January 26, 2019, he could not remember. According to him, this was partly due to excessive drug use. He also argued that he had consciously stabbed the women who were jogging or cycling.

The man was acquitted of a fifth attempted murder because, according to the court, it cannot be demonstrated "that there had been intent in the game".

In the other cases, the court judges that there is enough evidence that the man deliberately went looking for his victims. The man drove remarkably often without any purpose on quiet country roads. The victims also stated that the man deliberately drove in on them.

The fact that V. did not fully acknowledge his own problems and the probability of recurrence by experts was considered to be large, led to the court adopting the advice of tbs with compulsory treatment.