Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has warned against the far right in the country. Spain must face "some serious threats" and "the specter of Francoism". He said that on Friday on the radio station Cedena Ser and thus two days before the parliamentary election. He warned against the election of Vox and the "aggressive right-wing politics". The Vox party is accused of building on the legacy of the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.

Previously, the Spanish Prime Minister of the Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) had already excluded cooperation with Vox. He did not want to talk to the party. It is an "ultra right-wing party", for example, calling homosexuals sick and wanting to shut down media.

The last general election in April had ended with a stalemate, which is why again elected. At that time Vox came to 24 seats. During the Catalonia crisis, the Vox party had recently increased significantly in the surveys. According to some surveys, the party could almost double its result.

The general election on Sunday is the fourth within four years. According to polls, the victory of the socialist party of Sánchez is secure. 117 of the 350 parliamentary seats could be attributed to an analysis of several surveys by El Pais according to Sánchez 'socialists. However, according to the surveys, neither the left nor the right camp would achieve an absolute majority: the conservative People's Party (PP) would have 92 seats, the right-wing party Vox 46 seats.

Sánchez called his political rivals to the toleration of a socialist minority government. He wanted the PP, the Left Alliance Unidas Podemos (UP) and the liberal Ciudadanos "within 48 hours" after the election, a proposal to "end the blockade" submit.

At the end of September King Felipe VI. have to call another election because the deadline for forming a new government, even after months of negotiations without agreement had expired. In Spain, following the death of dictator Franco in 1975, there was never a governing coalition, mainly because of the factual two-party system of PP and PSOE that lasted for 40 years.