Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, US President Donald Trump recalled "the brave men and women of East and West Germany" who had torn down a symbol of oppression and failed socialism. The fate of the wall should be a lesson for repressive regimes and rulers.

"No Iron Curtain can ever hold back the iron will of a people determined to be free," reads the White House message. In it, Trump congratulates the people of Germany on the tremendous progress he has made in reunification. Germany was "one of the most valued allies" with which the US would work together to keep the "flame of freedom" burning.

Trump quotes Goethe ("Only he deserves freedom like the life that has to conquer them daily") and warns that there are still tyrannical regimes that stand for oppression and totalitarianism on the Soviet model. The US, on the other hand, advocated freedom that guaranteed peace and prosperity.

However, Trump did not want to accept a gift from the Initiative Open Society, which stands for a world without walls. The club wanted to give the US president a 2.7 ton piece of the Berlin Wall. However, the White House had refused to accept it.

@realDonaldTrump did not accept our gift at The White House. We are trying to find different places to drop off our letter. Where to next? !! #thewallagainstwalls #wallfall #washingtonmonument #dc
# mauerfall30 #berlin #berlinwall # Trump2020

- The Wall Against Walls (@TheWallvsWalls) November 9, 2019

"Germany is reunited and in Berlin only isolated pieces remind us that no wall holds forever," says the wall piece. "For decades, the United States has played a vital role in bringing down this wall, from John F. Kennedy to Ronald Reagan, and the US Presidents fought against it."

The action is intended to remind Trump of the USA's commitment to an open society, said Jörg Waschescio of the Open Society Initiative. It is a "statement against walls in general", not against a specific one. Trump wants to build a wall on the US border with Mexico and praises these again and again as "beautiful" and "big".

The Wall segment is on the way to Washington, according to the initiative since October. If the White House does not accept the piece of the wall in the coming days, it will go on a "small tour of the States," said Waschescio. After all, a gift to the president is property of the American people. They wanted to make sure that many people could see it.