US President Donald Trump has to pay 2 million dollars (1.8 million) euros for abusing his charity organization. A New York judge ruled that Thursday.

According to the judge, Trump misused almost all the money to promote his political and business interests. The judge also ruled that the Donald J. Trump Foundation will be closed. The remaining 1.7 million dollars that were in the fund must be transferred by the president to non-profit organizations.

The largest edition of the charity went to the preservation of Central Park in New York. A fountain was refurbished with the approximately $ 264,231. The prosecutor says that Trump also benefited, because the fountain is right in front of the Trump Tower in New York.

Trumps family even benefited from the smallest donation. This was a donation to the American boy scouts, exactly in the year that Donald Trump Jr. became a member. The registration fee was 7 dollars.

Both the expenditure for the fountain and the donation to the boy scouts was made in 1989.


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