"Digital Supply Law": Even the name of the law sounds awry - but also in the content, many critics. The controversial legislative proposal of Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) provides, inter alia, that data from all legally insured go to research. Today, the Bundestag deals with the law. Patients and Greens are on the other hand storm. What is the actual data - is information about depression, abortion or an artificial bowel issue automatically linked to research? How safe is the pseudonymization? And can one contradict that? ZEIT ONLINE science editor Alina Schadwinkel clarifies the most important questions.

Market abuse, tax avoidance, privacy concerns - from the outside, many allegations are addressed to the Google Group. But the company, which uses the slogan " Do not be evil " to portray its billions of dollars worth of business as a contribution to world improvement, is increasingly coming under internal criticism. Many employees had not only hired on Google because of the good salaries. ZEIT-WirtschaftsredakturinAnn-Kathrin Nezik has spoken with some of them and found a significant loss of confidence. Two reasons: A #Metoo case with a golden handshake and the involvement in the controversial drone program of the US Department of Defense. How Google boss Sundar Pichai reacts to the criticism of his employees, describes Ann-Kathrin in the podcast.

And otherwise? 11,000 climate researchers urgently warn against "unprecedented suffering for humanity" if we do not redirect.

Collaboration: Johann Stephanowitz, Mathias Peer
Moderation: Rita Lauter

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