A Dutch tourist was killed in Tanzania when his travel companion was attacked by a swarm of bees, spokesperson Bastiaan Govers from travel agency Sawadee confirms to NU.nl on Friday. Another Dutch person is in a very critical condition in the hospital.

The group of twenty Dutch people walked through the huge game reserve Selous National Park, which covers tens of thousands of kilometers of land. In a remote location, the travel association is said to have been attacked by the Africanized honey bee, an aggressive bee species better known as the killer bee.

A group of doctors would have flown in by helicopter to help the group. As far as we know, all Dutch people caught bee stings, according to Govers. There may be more serious injuries, but he cannot confirm that.

The wounded were taken to a hospital in the coastal town of Dar es Salaam. A team of Dutch doctors was flown in by SOS International to treat the wounded there. An employee of the travel company traveled to assist the group.