A mass grave with remains of 42 bodies has been discovered in northern Mexico, several international media write Tuesday evening. The tomb is said to have been discovered in the state of Sonora, in a remote area.

According to the local prosecutor, twelve bodies were initially found last week, but this weekend the digging work was expanded, after which the police encountered another thirty skeletons.

Little is known about the victims. Some skeletons still had some items of clothing with them. At least two mortal remains are expected to be women, due to some possessions in their neighborhood.

The mass grave was discovered by a Mexican action group that mainly consists of mothers. The initiative was set up to find missing family members who suddenly disappear during the drug war that has held the country in its grip for years.

Mass graves are commonly used ways of cartels to make members of rival groups disappear. The Mexican authorities suspect that these bodies are also the result of the drug war.

The notorious Sinaloa cartel, founded by Joaquin Guzmán Loera, better known as 'El Chapo', is said to be active in the area.


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