Frankfurt / Berlin (AP) - In the Lufthansa Group threatens a fierce dispute over the question of which union represents the future of the interests of about 20,000 flight attendants. The company is exploring concrete negotiations with the union Verdi for a tariff.

Up to now, the division union Ufo is responsible for the regulations of the cabin crew and is currently threatened with perpetual strikes. On Friday, there had been a first round of investigation with Lufthansa and it had been agreed to other appointments, said on Monday a Verdi spokeswoman in Berlin. Earlier, the Handelsblatt reported.

The timeline for a possible collective bargaining agreement is still completely open, said the trade unionist. It is about solving the most pressing problems of the employees. Among other things, Verdi wants to improve the conditions for new hires, generally reach higher salaries and allowances and abolish the controversial monitoring, which makes certain services dependent on the economic success of the company. Lufthansa merely stated on Monday that negotiations with the Verdi were "fundamentally an option".

The recently weakened by internal disputes Ufo responded sharply to the impending tariff competition. It still represents the clear majority of flight attendants at the Lufthansa core company, said a union spokesman. The company and Verdi worked together to influence the ongoing ballots and provoke Ufo members to leave. This would be promised "tariff gifts".

The trade union union Ufo has been a collective bargaining partner of the airline group since 2002. It organized strikes by flight attendants in 2012 and 2015. Lufthansa is currently not recognizing the UFO board and wants to clarify in court, whether the union is still tariffähig. Next Friday, a UFO General Assembly will decide on a possible deselection of the Executive Board and a new Electoral Code. In addition, the deadline for the polls on strikes at Lufthansa and four other German airlines of the Lufthansa Group expires.

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