The court ordered Ton L. to be sentenced to fourteen years in prison and TBS for the murder of his 79-year-old mother Mona Baartmans from Delft. The court hereby imposes a slightly lower sentence than the Public Prosecution Service demanded. Justice demanded sixteen years.

According to the court, the 61-year-old L. lacks remorse, so experts judged that he was less imputable. L. believes that he has no problem and that is why he is being forced to take long-term treatment.

Before his mother's death, L. had taken 40,000 euros from her bank account and then put this money away in a safe at his brother's. However, he did not do the latter. He gambled the amount in a casino.

The OM stated that L. killed his mother so that he did not have to say that he had lost the money. "As if it were the most normal thing in the world. As if killing his mother was his only alternative," said the justice department.

According to the OM, L. has been "cold-blooded and planned." After he strangled his mother with a tiewrap and covered her body with a plaid, he got two spring rolls from a Chinese restaurant.

Mother's body was found after three weeks

L. was arrested in October 2018 on suspicion of involvement in the disappearance of his mother. Baartmans disappeared a week earlier after a visit to her husband in a care home in The Hague.

Three weeks later, the body of the woman was found in Heinenoord, about 5 kilometers from L.'s hometown. He confessed to the murder and burial of his mother.