Jesse Klaver, leader of the political party GroenLinks and his party colleague Bram van Oijk were brought to safety on Friday by the Dutch embassy in Ethiopia. This confirms a spokesperson for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Klaver and Van Oijk would be on a working visit in Ethiopia and would have ended up in a threatening situation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided assistance and the two were taken to a safe place by the Ethiopian authorities. Minister Stef Blok also personally dealt with the issue, the ministry said. After mediation by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ethiopian authorities brought them to safety.

Together with thirteen other Dutchmen, Klaver and Van Oijk were transported to the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.

Travel advice Ethiopia tightened

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has tightened up travel advice for Ethiopia after riots broke out in the African country. Across the country, including the Oroima region, tensions between population groups and demonstrations can result in serious violence, according to the ministry.

The Ministry advises Dutch people not to travel to Oroima if the journey is not necessary. The Ethiopian capital is also not always safe, according to the ministry. For example, foreigners there are often targeted by criminals.