Farmers from Brabant gathered in front of the Den Bosch provincial house on Friday to protest against the province's environmental policy. According to the Southern Agricultural and Horticultural Organization (ZLTO), the initiator of the protest, there are fifteen hundred to two thousand farmers present.

There are currently about seven hundred tractors parked in Den Bosch. According to ZLTO, the nuisance for other road users has remained limited because the security services had set out special routes for tractors.

Farmers have been camping in front of the provincial government all week long to demonstrate against the policy on housing systems. The province wants the farmers to make adjustments faster in order to emit less ammonia, so that the Brabant environmental requirements can be met.

In 2009, the ZLTO and the province agreed that the stables had to be adjusted by 2028 at the latest. In 2017, it was decided to advance that deadline to 2022. At 1.30 pm, the Provincial States voted on the exact date. "That will be very exciting," said a spokesperson for ZLTO.

More than fifteen hundred farmers gathered in front of the provincial government office in Den Bosch on Friday. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Also on Afsluitdijk promotions

A farmers protest is also underway on the Afsluitdijk, here by farmers from North Holland. In both directions, road users must take into account at least a 15-minute delay, reports the ANWB.

The farmers believe that the province of Noord-Holland does not listen to them and therefore want to belong to Friesland. Armed with Frisian flags, the farmers present a citizens' initiative this afternoon at the provincial government building in Haarlem.

The farmers were also spotted on the Afsluitdijk (# A7). If you come across them: be alert and adjust your driving style. (📸: @alexridder)

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