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What happened on ...: Calendar Sheet 2019: October 25th


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Berlin (dpa) - The current calendar sheet for the 25th of October 2019:

43rd calendar week, 298th day of the year

Still 67 days to the end of the year

Zodiac: Scorpio

Name Day: Chrysanth, Daria, Krispin


2018 - The largest NATO maneuver since the end of the Cold War begins in and around Norway. There are 50,000 soldiers involved.

2017 - For the first time, an autonomously driving bus is used in public transport in Germany. In Bad Birnbach in Lower Bavaria, a Deutsche Bahn subsidiary launches the pilot project in regular traffic.

2009 - At least 155 Iraqis are killed as bombs exploded in quick succession in Baghdad alongside the Justice Department and the Provincial Council building.

2004 - The steel companies Ispat International, LNM Holdings and International Steel merge to form the world's largest steel group Mittal Steel.

2003 - Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Russian oil magnate and critic of President Vladimir Putin, is arrested. In two internationally as politically criticized processes, he is later sentenced for fraud to ten years in a camp.

1994 - The Vatican and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) form official relations.

1984 - Bundestag President Rainer Barzel (CDU) resigns after arguments over an alleged entanglement in the Flick party donation affair from his office.

1979 - Catalonia and the Basque Country approve new regional constitutions in referendums. This gives both Spanish regions a far-reaching autonomy.

1929 - "Black Friday" marks the beginning of the Great Depression, triggered by a collapse on the New York Stock Exchange on October 24 (local time, hence English: "Black Thursday").


2001 - Princess Élisabeth (18), Belgian Crown Princess, eldest daughter of the Belgian King Philippe

1984 - Katy Perry (35), American pop singer ("I Kissed a Girl")

1964 - Nicole (55), German pop singer, won the Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson in 1982 with «A Little Peace»

1949 - Katharina Trebitsch (70), German film and television producer

1919 - Beate Uhse, German entrepreneur, pioneer of the erotic industry, founded the company named after her in Flensburg in 1949, died 2001


2001 - Soraya, ex-Empress of Persia, divorced second wife of the former Shah of Persia, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, b. 1932

1957 - Henry Van de Velde, Belgian architect, co-founder of the Deutscher Werkbund, b. 1863

Source: zeit

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