Potsdam (dpa) - Brandenburg is to be ruled in the future by a red-black-green coalition. Just over eight weeks after the state election, the negotiating round of SPD, CDU and Greens have agreed on a coalition agreement, said Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) in Potsdam.

The details of the deal should be announced on Friday. On the adoption of the coalition agreement, the members of the CDU and the Greens still have to decide in a membership poll and at the SPD the delegates at a special party convention. The re-election of Woidke as prime minister would be possible at the end of November.

In the coalition negotiations, the three parties had agreed that there should be no new mines in Lusatia. The coalition round decided investments in education, health care and climate protection. In addition, more teachers, police officers, judges and prosecutors are to be recruited. All in all, the new state government intends to spend about EUR 600 million more on its planned projects than the medium-term financial planning provided for.

In addition, the coalition want to take a new loan in the amount of one billion euros. Over the next ten years, this will finance additional investment in public transport, the construction of new schools and day-care centers, housing construction, health care, digitization and climate protection. The money should benefit all regions of the country, the negotiators of the three parties had declared. However, the first concrete projects should not be named until February next year.