Tenants in the free sector more often than homeowners have too high a burden to set aside savings. This hinders them when they want to buy a house, conclude Rabobank researchers in a study published Wednesday.

The researchers conducted a survey among more than 10,000 tenants and homeowners at the bank between 20 and 45 years old.

Both homeowners and tenants say they want to save more. But tenants more often than homeowners report that excessive fixed charges are a barrier to putting more savings aside. This is especially the case in the free sector.

"That's not surprising, because in the free sector, new tenants are already paying an average of almost 1,000 euros a month for a house," says Rabobank economist Nic Vrieselaar. "And they are not entitled to a mortgage interest deduction or housing allowance."

"Strong rise in house prices"

"Statistics from Statistics Netherlands show that more than half of tenants in the free sector under the age of 45 want to buy a house within two years. But because of the sharp rise in house prices and stricter mortgage standards, they need more savings for that"

The research also shows that the chance that tenants have less than 2,500 euros in savings is twice as high. This is the amount that the Nibud budget institute advises as a buffer for financial setbacks.