A success and a defeat for Boris Johnson and a recommendation for the postponement of the EU exit: This is the balance sheet of the Brexit negotiations on Tuesday. The British Parliament has voted in favor of examining the Brexit draft bill. However, the accelerated procedure requested by Prime Minister Johnson rejected it in the majority. As of 31 October, this will probably no longer be with Brexit - also EU Council President Donald Tusk spoke on Tuesday for a new postponement of the exit. The Brexit endgame will continue. This is how international media comment on the decisions of the British Parliament.

The conservative Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita writes:

"The Brexit shows the weakness of parliamentary democracy, it was supposed to restore glory and sovereignty to the mother of all parliaments on the Thames, but reality has revealed only Westminster 's immense weaknesses, while MPs may block government proposals, but they are not in the Able to present a real alternative, chaos is the enemy of democracy, and the lower house is not in a position to contain this mess. "

On the possibility of new elections, the London Times says:

"It may be embarrassing for Boris Johnson that he has failed to meet the deadline of October 31. But if that's the price for ratifying a Brexit deal, then it's just so." The public will be delayed In any case, if the Parliament agrees to Johnson's request, it would have its own risks, and Johnson may well stand a chance against a top one But electoral sentiment can suddenly turn in a poll, as Theresa May found out in 2017. The time has come for a new election after Brexit has been completed, a moment that seems temptingly close. "

The Wall Street Journal also commented on new elections and the role of Brexit opponents in parliament :

"The British Parliament invented the worst-ever version on August, the Augustinian Brexit, sir, let's leave the European Union, the MEPs said, but not yet ... (...) Brexit opponents have long argued that their blocking After Tuesday night, their approval of Johnson's plan suggests that they have found one, and if they still can not decide, voters deserve the chance to appoint representatives to do so . "

The Spanish newspaper El País writes:

"In the next few hours, Johnson has to calculate the pros and cons of a drastic decision." The parliament gave a clear and positive signal at its first vote on Tuesday, and has a sufficient majority to finalize its Brexit deal accept the idea of ​​a reasonably detailed parliamentary procedure and assume that the UK will not leave the EU on 31 October, which has been Johnson's great promise all along ... "

In Canada, The Globe and Daily Mail comments on the role of Boris Johnson in the importance of Brexit:

"The most likely outcome is currently that the EU is granting a deadline extension, which they are very happy to do, and luckily it will end up in an orderly exit, but even that can not be considered a lucky outcome." Brexit, itself a quiet and negotiated one "It's not a good idea, it would be a lasting slowdown on the UK economy and could probably make Scotland leave the EU." Mr. Johnson is not a savior.