Munich (AP) - The actor Uwe Ochsenknecht sees beauty treatments in old age critical. The 63-year-old told the magazine «Bunte»: «I'm not a friend of. Looking at 60 by Botox like a 20-year-old and then saying that comes through a lot of water and sports, is still lying. "

The aging sees Ochsenknecht calm: "I married two years ago once again, I was 61. So what? After all, life is about never giving up hope. »

The actor («Men», «Schtonk») was married to the model Natascha Ochsenknecht for almost 20 years and has three children with her. Together with his sons Wilson Gonzalez and Jimi Blue he stood together in front of the camera for the film series "The Wild Things". In 2017 he married his partner Kirsten Viebrock.